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Component Specification and Sourcing

Mechanical Design

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Video Converters and
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Integrated Controls, Inc. has been designing, developing and manufacturing a diverse range of electronic products for over 30 years at the same location in the heart of San Francisco's media gulch.

We have a great deal of practical experience and a network of resources to bring to your project. Complete documentation is provided and your proprietary intellectual property is respected.


Founded by Dennis Saputelli and incorporated in 1985, we offer extensive expertise and practical experience in bringing our customers ideas into reality.

We can help manage your project from the initial design phases, through prototyping and up to full production runs, utilizing a broad base of suppliers and fabricators, both on-shore and off-shore.

Quick turn-arounds and impossible schedules are a pretty much normal around here.

We have experience in many areas including product designs meeting regulatory agency compliance standards. We have completed many projects with approvals from: FAA, FDA, UL, CE and FCC.



10,000 sq foot fully equipped shop including office and design areas

Experience staff of technicians and assemblers

Incorporated in California, 1986


Passives, over 2 million in stock

Actives, as needed, JIT

Fasteners, standoffs large array on hand Interconnects

Cable, 14ga – 28ga most colors on hand Wire management materials

MRP system in place


Equipment highlights (partial)

Prototype surface mount oven Mantis Inspection system

Measuring devices, 12 Crimp tools, wide range, many types

Oscilloscopes, Rhode Schwarz, Fluke, Tektronix Electronic DC loads

DMM’s, Fluke, + multitude of others Current probes, low current clamp ons

Drill press PCB shear

Automated wire cutter Torque wrenches, calibrated

Eight (8) Workstations, Twelve (12) Computer Workstations Assembly

Three (3) SMD Hot air re-work, Two (2) SMD bottom heaters

Soldering stations, Metals, lead free PACE sucker, solder stations

Sucker self contained VAC, Hakko Shop Air, distributed, Jun-Aire

Two (2) Roper Whirney hole punch bench press Parts counting scales

IDC ribbon press Small part arbor press

Minature precision circular saw Hi torque precison electric screwdrivers

Hypot Tester, annual calibration for UL Thermocouples, Omega

Eight (8) Rack mount power supplies, Agilent  Bench power supplies

Programming devices for many IC type  Labeling equipment

We have been designing and building products since the beginnings of Silicon Valley, both for our own brands and as contractors for many others in the entertainment and visual arts fields.


Typical workflow scenario:

Customer delivers either a raw idea or rough circuits and sketches, we take it from there, design the board and hand back finished prototypes. Often the customer does the firmware (if any) or we can help with that too.


We take pride in having a track record with a very high rate of first time success
– a working Rev A is the goal !